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25th February 2016

Both Shell and Exxon Mobil have announced that they will upgrade their refineries
in Rotterdam, this year.

At the Pernis refinery, Shell will build a solvent deasphalter (SDA) unit which will
remove heavier fractions from crude oil, allowing the refinery to upgrade a larger
proportion of its oil intake into lighter, high-grade products.

Construction work is planned to start this year with completion expected by the end
of 2018. Some existing units will also require modifications in order to integrate
with the new SDA unit.

Exxon Mobil will spend $1 billion expanding the hydrocracker unit at its Rotterdam
refinery to upgrade heavier by products into cleaner, higher-value finished products,
including EHCTM Group II base stocks and ultra-low sulfur diesel.

Construction is scheduled to begin this year and unit startup is targeted for 2018.


Pernis Refinery - Rotterdam, Holland




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