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Inspection Ecosse
NDT Technician / Radiographer   -   Lincolnshire    Closed
Radiographer   -   Gloucester    Closed
L2 Eddy Current/ACFM Techs   -   North West England    Closed
NDT Trainer   -   Sheffield    Closed
Multi-Disciplined NDT Technician   -   Offshore    Closed
Phased Array Technician   -   Australia    Closed
PCN UT Technician   -   Dublin    Closed
Radiographers   -   Holland    Closed
NDT Technicians   -   Papua New Guinea    Closed
L2 Technicians   -   Northern France    Closed
AUT Operator   -   Houston, Texas    Closed
Welding Inspectors   -   Norway    Closed
UT/MPI Inspectors   -   Denmark    Closed
L3 Inspector   -   South Korea    Closed
Senior Tube Inspection Specialist   -   Thailand    Closed
AUT Inspectors   -   Canada    Closed
NDT Personnel   -   Kazakhstan    Closed
Regional Sales Executive   -   Singapore    Closed
AUT Operators   -   Japan    Closed
Operations Manager   -   Batam, Indonesia    Closed
 Boeing 777: Signs of 'metal fatigue' found on Denver plane engine  
  One of the fan blades in the plane engine that failed shortly after take-off in Denver showed signs of metal fatigue, investigators say  
 BBC News Tue 23 Feb 
 Hinkley Point C nuclear plant to open later at greater cost  
  Hinkley Point C, the new nuclear power station in Somerset, will open later than expected and will cost £500m more than previously thought.  
 BBC News Wed 27 Jan 
 Sizewell C: Government in talks to fund £20bn nuclear plant  
  The government has begun talks with EDF about the construction of a new £20bn nuclear power plant in Suffolk.  
 BBC News Mon 14 Dec 
 UK energy plant to use liquid air  
  Work is beginning on what is thought to be the world's first major plant to store energy in the form of liquid air.  
 BBC News Sat 7 Nov 
 New nuclear plant at Sizewell set for green light  
  The government is close to giving the green light to a new nuclear power station at Sizewell in Suffolk.The BBC has learned that talks with the Sizewell contractor, EDF, have intensified in recent weeks  
 BBC News Fri 30 Oct 
 Plans for a £15-£20bn nuclear power plant in Wales have been scrapped.  
  Plans for a £15-£20bn nuclear power plant in Wales have been scrapped.  
 BBC News Tue 15 Sep 
 Repairs underway at Gorgon as ‘thousands’ of cracks found in critical equipment  
  Repairs are underway to resolve welding issues at Chevron’s Gorgon liquid natural gas project, one of the world’s largest LNG projects  
 Chemical Engineer 30 July 
 France's Revolutionary Nuclear Reactor Is a Leaky, Expensive Mess  
  With a bloated budget, endless delays, and shoddy construction, EPR looks like a big mistake.  
 PopularMechanices 3 Aug 
 Calls for Gorgon shutdown after cracks found in critical plant components  
  Chevron is battling to contain safety concerns at the $US54 billion Gorgon plant after maintenance checks revealed thousands of cracks in essential equipment at Australia’s second-largest gas export facility.  
 Sydney Morning Herald 
 British Steel takeover deal agreed for Scunthorpe and Teesside plants  
  A Chinese firm has finally confirmed plans to invest £1.2bn in British Steel.  
 BBC News Tue 3 Mar 
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